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May 17, 2008



Thanks for the link to Tipnut - awesome pincushions! Good luck with your vegie garden.


It is a lovely photo of the flower, where would we be without digital cameras and lots of storage space on the hard drive! Your quilting looks beautiful. Thanks for the link too, it looks like a fun site.


What a lovely blog! So happy I came across your little space tonight! I hope one day to learn to quilt -- thanks for sharing such wonderful inspiration.




The quilting looks lovely, well done! I really love circles!


gush thanks ladies!! i try to please, =)


I'm happy to see the back of your quilt!!!! I just tried hand quilting for the first time today and posted pictures on my blog. My question was what should the back look like. Now that I've read your blog I know. Yep, mine doesn't look quite like that. Your stitches are beautiful and so even! It looks great. How do you hid the knots?


the thing to work at with hand quilting is to get the stitches even on front and back. you have to make sure your dont take too tiny of a stitch on the front and leave a big gap on the back. easier said than done, huh! for hiding your knots, i usually make two knots but i think they call for one usually. you knot your thread close to the fabric about a stitch width away. then you put your needle back into the top layer of fabric only, bringing it up about a 1/2" away and pull the thread and knot should pop thru. dont pull too brusquely or you risk breaking the thread. which means taking out about two or three inches of stitches and tie off again. confusing?? oh if you are close to the edge i just knot anywhere in the last 1/8 inch or so, but make sure you dont cut it off when you trim up your sides

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