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May 31, 2008



It is indeed hard to be a parent! And it must be hard to be a child in a split home... We all just do the best we can, and I am sure your dad treasured the times you did have together :-)

You blocks are so pretty! Are you going to sew them all together to a wonky quilt? That would be beautiful! And I see what you mean, the small flowers and the B&W look really good together!


You're done blubbering, right? I'm not good when people do that kind of thing. I did want to say, though, that it seems pretty great to have family that's not too, too far away. And your quilt rocks. I do love those geese.


I really like the vine pattern. It was so nice of you to come visit! at least all that you have overcome and dealt with your parents, you have been able to pass wisdom along to me!


thanks sweetie, yes i am done. i sniffled for a bit then snapped out of it
i guess i was just vaclempt!! hehe
oh thank you, i am having so much fun playing with the blocks, but am super tired from the busy weekend, so no blocks today!
beth, i really enjoyed visiting, as always! smooches


You are free to call me stupid but I have finally put two and two together and worked out that it is you Susan who I have just e-mail re. the doll quilt swap :).
Excuse my ignorance please. I love the blocks you have there they look fantastic. Sorry about your Dad. It is good that you sorted things out before he passed. Mine died last year and unfortunately it was never cleared between us. Looking forward to the swap.


kellie, hehe=)
yes it is me!!!
thanks for your lovely words, they do make me feel better, and i am sorry you didnt get to mend fences with yours. maybe you can mend without him? it really was just me deciding to forgive. smooches


Sorry to hear about your dad. Losing a loved one is very hard. I'm glad you were on good terms with him when he passed. In some ways that's probably easier and yet harder! Forgiveness is a hard thing. Good for you that you were able to forgive!

On a happier note, your new quilt blocks look great. I really like the vine. You're in a good quilt place right now, aren't you?! Look at you go! Yeah for you!


I am sure it is hard to loose a parent, so cry all you need to.
What fun quilt blocks you are working on. Hope you feel a bit better.


aww big hugs to you!!

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