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May 20, 2008



I'm glad to see the quilt made it so quickly!


yes it did!! thank you so much, it really is a perfect quilt for me! and it was such a surprise for it to come early. thats much better than waiting for one.....dont you think??? i do!


Ekkk! Look at those ugly hexagons! I think you should bury them in that hole in the backyard! LOL Wendy's quilt looks beautiful, glad you had a good mail day. :)

Sarah Grainger

for a second I thought you got your Doll Quilt Swap Quilt. What a lovely quilt! And I think I have cookie cutter envy. I have the heart one but not the circle one.

and finally I have posted on my blog, and it is the meme with which you tagged me.


Those ugly hexagons are really rather pretty...what's wrong with this Helen woman???!!!

I was having a read of older are nearly at $4 a the UK we are at around £1.20 (double it - you have dollars) for a LITRE. Unless I am much mistaken there are around 4.5 litres in a gallon, so around £5 ($10) a gallon. Fancy moving to the UK??? ;)


first let me say thank you for commenting, and please dont take this the wrong way. i was told pretty much the same thing by a woman in oz, where it is $6 a gallon. i am not complaining, because i know that the uk and the rest of europe have had high gas prices forever. i am just documenting it for the summer. there is one difference tho, isnt england more walking friendly? i think in america we use a lot more gas on a daily basis, as we arent walking friendly, everything is so spread out. your thoughts?

plus i think its hitting americans hard because the economy is in the toilet too, so its a double whammy of raising gas prices (and food, etc) and less money brought home. my hubby spends about $150 a week on gas when he works in the city.


I tagged you for a meme! I tagged you I tagged you!! NANANA :-P
What wonderful cool goodies you got in the mail. Expect some more later next week!! :D


So those hexagons must have stopped off for a makeover on their way to your house, because they really don't look so ugly!

Gas out here (Seattle) is just about the same prices as Chicago. I think 3.98 yesterday. I'm fortunate that I live in the city (that was a planned move), because it does allow me to walk or bus to many of the places I need to go. We pretty much only use the car for fun. Trips to the mountains or beach & such.

You however are out in the middle of Egypt, so I know you rely on the car much more that I do. And OH! A barn sale, yippee....I haven't done that in ages.

...Swooning over your happy mail. ..


i know! they arent ugly at all!!
i actually in some sick way am waiting for the price to go over $4. sick, yes. i cant help it. it would be nice to be in a place where we could walk to everything, but it isnt going to happen anytime soon. i love living where we do!


so where's that meme eh? :D *big grin*


Love your little boy in the top post -- is it a German piece? We have one almost like it. The cookie cutters are just too cute, as well. You don't find those much anymore -- they all have rubber grips or are plastic. They remind me of making cookies with my grandmother. Thanks for sharing!

I hope you can still make it this Saturday for Share Your Studio over on my blog. I look forward to seeing more of your craftiness :)



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