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im a ginger monkeys fq swap

6"-12" miniquiltswap

fabric swap

dollquiltswap 3



strawberry swap

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May 28, 2008



Oh, I love the 6 inch quilt! I think the quilt for the little boy is adorable, but if you want it to resemble the card maybe you should use similar colors, i.e. a yellow minky bear. It is still adorable though and I am sure you daughter or the boy will be pleased.


hehe it sounds funny you saying, your daughter!!
pssst this is my niece.

Sarah Grainger

yay! i'm glad you like all the scraps. i like that they are no longer in my box! ha! can't wait to see what you do with them.

i agree, a yellow bear would be cuter : )


which means i need to go find some yellow minky!!
i think he needs to be chubbier too, what say you??

pasha plum

Check out the yellow bear I got in the softie swap I did--looks a lot like the one on the card.

Nice scrap pile!

Oh and I did the meme!


What about yellow fleece? I have pink and blue minkee in my stash, but no yellow ...


What great swap mail!!! Krom mama is a talent! The bear is cute. I think yellow minkie sounds good if you want it to match the gift card bear.


yes she is!!
i did end up making another
i will blog about it in a bit...


Loo at all those lovely scraps from Sarah! Lucky duck!!! :)

calamity kim

bawk! (*<>*)
I just came by to say hi! I have a dodge durrango and don't want to talk about gas pr$$ces! I am back on my bike! love your red toes! maybe I will go paint mine...if I could reach....Bawwwbauwkkk!


Lol CK's comment has me laughing.
Hello! The bear is adorable! And I love it to bits. You know Aaron will love that card. I'm going to give it to him when he goes to bed so he can see the stars light up. He will love it because it lights up. I bet you any money he's going to put it next to his ear to listen if it sings! I'll let you know.

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