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June 10, 2008



WOW! It'll be fantastic! What a lucky swappartner you have! -and he/she doesn't even know it yet :-)


At the quilt show I just attended, there were a few blue & green quilts - all of them were very nice! (I have one planned...)


I'm so excited to be a part of the Doll Quilt Swap this time. I got an inspiration yesterday afternoon and forgot about nearly everything else.

Love your blues and greens!


What a great idea for your little quilt! And I love the colors you've chosen. Can't wait to see the progress ...

I already know what I am doing, too :)


The green and blue will look fab! Martha would definitely approve.


Oh, I am excited to see the quilt now! The blue and green patterns wil look nice together.


I decided what to do for DQS4 too. I think I'm going to do some houses. After reading my partner's blog I think she'll like it. I've been wanting to try making some houses since seeing Krom Mama's.
Your house looks good. I'm sure your friend will like it!


i spent over 9 months giving birth to a green and blue quilt with some beiges and mustard yellows in the mix. So with that said I'm loving what you're going to make! Are they raw edge appliqued circles??
guess what I just got in the mail this morning?!!


i am going to try to do turned under applique, so wish me luck!


cute, cute, cute!!


great fabric, wish i was your partner!can you send me the code for the DQS4?


This website reminds me of you!!! Just the front page... scroll down...


I just saw this magazine today and realised it was the circle pattern you were to use. The mag was over $15 so I didn't buy it and another US one I would have loved was $31+ - way too much! I love the idea of the circles and the blue and green will be gorgeous!


What a beautiful pile of spotty fabric! I couldn't think of anything much nicer than spots & circles!!!! What a lucky partner you have!

mary burns

How do I join for the next doll swap? I love all the mini's you ladies make, is there a sign up sheet? Thanks, Hugs, Mary

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