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June 23, 2008



Wow Susan it's very hard but I like colours :)


How can anyone not see the stars?? They are right there! I think it is a gorgeous table-runner!
I love the picture of the yellow helicoptor! That would look very pretty as a boys quilt...


Hexagons have been on my mind too. But so much other stuff keeps pushing the idea to the back. I love the idea from the paper cup!


Of course I can see the stars! It's beautiful. Some folks just seems to see things one way and one way only. Inspiration is everywhere...I never seem to have my camera. I need to do better with that!

pasha plum

love the wonky stars!


I noticed the stars right away, and I think the runner will be very nice for the fourth. The airplane idea would be so cute for a boys quilt!


I saw the stars right away, too - they're liberated stars. I think they're great. The helicopter is awesome.


I could see the stars right away and love the table runner. I love red white and blue decorations for summer. Inspiration has been all around you. I tend to be inspired too much! Inever have enough time to make all of the things I'm inspired to try.


Ooooh I can see the stars. I love the liberated piecing. Looking forward to the cupcake swap too.


Oh Susan! I love your festive runner. I totally saw the stars right away too. Country primitive is my favourite style!!! There is nothing more exciting than to see a new quilt after it's first wash :o)

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