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June 04, 2008


Fanny Fairbanks

I'll swap some squares with you! I've got lots of aqua for my DJQ.


Hey, I'd love to swap for any bright scraps for my hexes (
. I have some great hand dyes you might like ( That is, if the thought of sending/receiving from Australia isn't too scary :)


Is it ok if some are flannel? If they have girlie stuff on them? I just got a couple sets of charm packs that should both have aqua in them that you would like. I know I have some flannel ones, but they are gonna be girlie.


Don't have aqua fabric for you but just wanted to say that now I get the liberated part and I really like it!


These are all blocks from that book you shared earlier right? them. I would love to swap, but my aqua stash is zippo right now. Sorry.


I love the blocks you are doing. They are so cheery and fun! I am low in the aqua area too, how can it be?

Lisa W.

Love the colors of your blocks!


Ouch that finger shot made me wince! I love the blocks too, I like the concept of the free floating quilt designs appliqued on - lovely!


Those blocks are looking good! OWWWWWW to that finger though!

Erin Koch

Hi- I am your partner for the Russian doll swap- just popped over to see all the beautiful things you have made- I luv the dress quilt blocks- great idea. Erin


I like the new blocks, looks like you have been busy! I can't believe you sewed your finger though...


really? you cant believe i sewed my finger? really? hehe


The blocks look great. Ouch! I hope your finger is feeling better.


Sorry but I broke out laughing when you sewed your finger to the block!!! Too funny!

Rachel (Rae on flickr)

I'd love to swap some squares! I believe I have some aqua. I'm up for any colors you want to pass along.


you know i'm up for more swappy love! this one was fun! I'm glad you liked all your squares! I have more aqua to swap!! :D


Love your quilting style! Just discovered your blog through Quilting Bloggers (I'm a fellow Illinoisian, but I'm in Champaign). Very neat stuff!

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