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6"-12" miniquiltswap

fabric swap

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strawberry swap

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August 19, 2008



The strawberries are cute!
I love the idea of an apron-swap! But....classes start again Sept. 1st, so I have to limit my swaps now :-(


An apron swap sounds great fun! Everyone needs a good apron, don't they?!
I am also loving the strawberries with the pearls - fantastic!!!


The strawberries look good. I voted for the pearls.
Apron swaps are fun! Is this your first one? I've done three and it's a blast to get a new apron in the mail! I wish I had time to sign up for the fun fall apron swaps. Maybe next year I'm trying to finish up all of my swaps right now.


Oh, love the strawberries, and the pearls make them look very real! An apron swap sounds fun, but you better get working on it!


Cute strawberries! I really thought about the Sassy Apron Swap--I watched for sign ups, but then decided against it and to finish up a few other things. I just got that book and I really like it--lots of really cute aprons!

Also, thanks for your help about the buttons. I've got it somewhat figured out--they don't work, but I'm okay with that--just glad they're up!


I have a bunch of apron books but not this one. Is it good? Is it patterns or ideas or old or new aprons or what?


I love those strawberries, especially with the pearls. I came to visit your blog FIRST THING when I came back. Three posts while I was away! Whoa!


Mmm! those velvety strawberries look so good! and the book looks fun! You'll do great on your apron...


An apron swap - oh how fun!! You better not give away my veggie fabric!!

Are the strawberries velvet-y or made of felt?


How cute! The texture of the strawberries and your pearl accents are adorable!

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