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August 19, 2008



mag cupboard pic please - go on, share your guilty secret!!!! ;)


I love the recipes! It's so nice to have some of your mom's recipes and even better to have her handwriting preserved. What about framing some of the recipes to hang in your kitchen or creating a shadow box with some of the recipes?


I'm on a magazine purge, too -- I have a paper grocery sack full to go to recycling. I like to tear out pictures and projects I like and put them in an accordion file. It makes me feel better about spending so much money on magazines.

Of course, now I need to purge the accordion file!


Oh, I like the idea od mosaci monday! Much happier than seeing if gas costs an arm and leg yet! At least you are making an effort to purge the magazines, even if you don't end up downsizing that much!

Randi Anderson

If it makes you feel any better I, too, have a magazine hoarding problem. I think you've inspired me to clean out a few too, though. And I'm with you on the studio's filled with many years worth of them and I doubt I'll part with them either...or the Home Comapanions...or Marie Claire Idees...or Country Livings...maybe the problem's bigger than I thought! I'm not even going to look at the recipes yet (cut to me running to the store and cooking all day tomorrow!). We have too many leftovers and stuff in the pantry already! Maybe next week :) I'm having a blast with the strawberry stuff...can't wait to send your package!

calamity kim

come see the strawberry bag at my Flickr- do you like it? The strawberries are removable for washing- if it's "too much" or not your style then I'll make something else for you...please be honest- I can take it! My husband just shook his head when I showed it to him- but he's a guy! so then I didn't know what to think!
the ebay velvet came today and it is totally salmon pink- not right at all!:( anyway- come see!


I love your pink table and the sweet little pink flowered dish!
I have huge stacks of magazines to go through and cut up once my September swaps are finished. That is ,if I control myself and don't sign up for any more...ack!
I'll be looking forwards to your mosaics on Mondays :0)


The tumble up is very clever. You should try it with a beer bottle, tho. (Full, preferably.) I have a little magazine problem, too. You get rid of yours and let me know how it goes ... I'm just so attached.


Hmmmmm, I think Anthony Bourdain is quite sexy actually. He works that bad boy thing pretty well. LOL


I love the old recipe cards! I would frame them with a photo of your mom cooking or eating a meal with family.

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