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August 21, 2008



ha ha ha - you are terrible! My last boyfriend used to hoard magazines, he had music magazines from years and years ago, and he kept each new one, which meant we had a basement full of boxes of old magazines he never read, but just would not throw away. It made me so mad!!!


I thought it would be so much worse! It's nice and neat! No shame in keeping your magazines if you keep them so organized and behind a cupboard door. I've started ripping out the pages I'm interested in and recycling the rest of the magazine! (Gasp!) Of course I have a pile of 20 or more to go through and rip!


I agree this is neat. I quit getting magazines. Once I had them I felt compelled to keep them. A few years ago I went through and got rid of most of them. I kept my Threads and Piecework. The quilt magazines are all gone. It was very freeing.


Really that can't be called hoarding - not nearly enough! I have a whole bookshelf worth and I seldom look at them. I probably should just haul them off!


I agree, it doesnt matter that you have so many if they are all nice and neat. Especially if you still look at them and get inspiration from them. And, I am the fifth person to comment, so more people read your blog than you think!


i am a magazine saver too...does it count that i have good intentions to look at them again....someday?


What's wrong with that? You have it all organized in one bookshelf...looks great!


Gosh, Susan, I have tons more than that... in the dining/sewing room, in my "art" room, in the family room and living room and bedroom and ooohhhhhh the basement... You are an amateur!


darnit I wish I would of seen the post about your magazine addicting I cleaned out my magazine addiction! lol i would of mailed you th eones I didnt keep. I kept all the halloween and christmas though! hugs



Martha, Country Living--are you keeping the quilting ones under the bed? (hee hee!). I love cooking and quilting mags and have a hard time throwing them away because of the recipes/instructions in them. I bet it is freeing to get rid of them, as Lynn commented. I should just give them the heave ho!


Sadly, yours is far more organized than mine.


Your mags are organized so nice and neat...I keep all martha too, and all my heirloom sewing but after ripping out articles from parenting, and woman's magazines 10 years ago, I put them in a file were they haven't been looked at since. (ha ha!)


oh your blog is so cute!! I love it, and yes I do the same thing with magazines,, it's horrible but I love them even years later.. :D
thanks for coming to my flickr site, I see you added some of my food as a fave.. :D I want to learn more about your strawberry stuff!


we all have things we like to hoard.

Yours are magazines! At least you can keep yours neat and tidy. Whenever I get out my glitter collection, my husband inevitably gets a bunch on his face and then he's sparkly for the next few days.

... which is okay for me. But I don't think he's thrilled with it all the time.


aaarrrgh - you should see mine - HIDEOUS MESS! I keep them all too. Although I am trying to do the ripping out things I like thing now. But have about 200 or more to go through still...looks VERY tidy to me!


my mom has an ENTIRE room of floor to ceiling shelves with magazines and don't feel bad.........:-)

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