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im a ginger monkeys fq swap

6"-12" miniquiltswap

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August 14, 2008



Great photo of you
I great Site with great photos
keep up good work


Wow great goodies and garden yummies! Aren't swaps the best! It's so much fun to get surprise packages in the mail! The chair quilt is fabulous!


hi my mouse went out
but i saw some photos
where is justine & jersey?


Lucky lucky you!! What wonderful mail!
The doll quilt is beautiful! I love the kites, and the colors are just perfect for summer!
The little log cabin is awesome! Itty-bitty pieces ;-)
Cupcakes and strawberries too....
Lucky duck!!


Look at all your great goodies Lucky Duck! or Lucky Chickenfoot! I am not watching the Olympics either...just glance at the tube as I walk through the room...


OMG! I'm not watching the Olympics either! I could care less! Too bad we can't hang out. Oh, and I decided I'm not sending your box because you've got too much fun stuff already. JK!


Oh, you have so many swap goodies! the garden tomatoes look delicious too, I would have eaten those yellows plain too!


Wow, you have been busy! Love it all, those chair quilt are very cool! I haven't watched the Olympics either, but it's becuase i have 3 others competing for the TV and it's just not worth the hastle to get TV rights!

Lucinda J

No Olympics for me either! I'd watch the equestrian events, but only if I could see the whole thing not just blurbs and bits. And they NeVeR do that.
I love how happy your mailbox has been lately ! Wow! :0)
oh, and thanks for the linkies :0)


Hello. You have a lovely blog! What a bunch of great mail! I just sent you an email re: the fat quarter swap. I can't wait to sort it all out :)


how do you do it? i have trouble doing one have received such lovely things...i'm drooling over that 30's log!

Stephanie Jedlicka

Cute stuff! I'm in LOVE with your cupcake goodies!

And dude, your tomatoes rock!!! We got about just the same amount of cherry tomatoes picked from our garden yesterday, too!


You've got quite a haul there Ms. Chickenfoot! What fun stuff!


well, didn't you make out well!! I love the chair quilt! Lucky you! and that chubby doll, how cute!


You have gotten some good mail!
I have not watched much of the Olympics. It seems every time I walk by one of the same three athletes are on the screen I wish they would show more variety. There are THOUSANDS of athletes competing. I would like to see more of them.

calamity kim

well, since the chair quilt went to you, I won't feel at all jealous! I am so happy for you! I love Lucinda's work and the kite quilt is awesome too! I think you are in swap heaven!
I am busy working on strawberries and today my son turned 27! yippee! we are having ice cream cake! They said no offense but they are sick of strawberries! can you believe it? not me!
I've made about 25 so far! strawberry fields forever!
love ya!


Wow what a hoard! :p

Are you another person who likes to eat tomatoes like apples? We should revolt against these anti-tomato fiends!


what great garden goodies....I eat tomatoe like apples too! and the swap stuff is it all. I love the quilts so much b/c I don't do them.....thanks for sharing!

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