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im a ginger monkeys fq swap

6"-12" miniquiltswap

fabric swap

dollquiltswap 3



strawberry swap

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September 02, 2008



wow - cool parcels! I am so glad I didn't make you an apron now for the strawberry swap, I was going to!

Paid work, in a quilting shop? That's just dangerous....


Good luck with your new job! You'll get to touch alllll the pretty fabric.


Love the hand quilting in bright colors! Good luck at your new job!


cathedral windows! I would like to give them a try some time. I like how you did yours! did you use a pattern? Have FUN at your new job and don't spend all your pay check there!:-)


good luck with your new job!! you are going to enjoy it! You have my dream job!!


i should say dream job!!1 what's the discount?


The the quilts. Have fun today at your first day, I am sure it will be fun though.


I'm glad you like your stuff ... you made the photo look so pretty. You? In a quilt store? Oh, my. Try to bring a few dollars home.


The mushrooms are fun! The mini quilts looks great. It's funny that you both did the same pattern for each other!
Good luck tomorrow! I hope you have fun and don't spend all of your paycheck on fabric. I know I would. Being a teacher I tend to spend my paycheck buying materials for my classroom and my students.


Congratulations on your new job. What fun! You will love it.

Craft Woman

You are very hard working woman Susan :) Bravo!

Tamara Erbacher

I love this black and white mini....very jealous of your new job!

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