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October 17, 2008



oh, you scandalous creature! Mind you, it was only 4 months after I met Mr Monkey that we got married (and in Vegas too - 10 years now, proof that some vegas marriages last!)
I wonder if you could maybe dress up your new baby nephew as a girl sometimes, before he gets too old to find it weird. I'm sure his mama wouldn't's the least she could do for you, you did ask VERY nicely for a girl, didn't you?


LOL! That is very hard for people who haven't tried it to understand I think! But when you KNOW you have the man you're supposed to live your life with.....why wait? Charles and I had a similar scandalous start, we had Viola 10 months after our first date. LOL! About the girl-dress-up of the baby of our most succusfull businesses in Denmark was started by a man who wore dresses as a child (his mom made him) he even had long curly hair!

Craft Woman

SURPRIZE FOR YOU. PLEASE READ MY Uluslararası Arkadaşlık Ödülü / Friendship Around The World Award I WRITE ABOUT YOU :)


Hey chickenfoot, glad to see you back online. Happy anniv to you and mr. cf :)
the babies are SO sweet! kiss kiss
p.s. i count that way too.


Happy anniversary! He's sweet to just count it as 16 - trying to make an honest woman out of you. Those babies are way cute. And so much more fun when they belong to somebody else.


happy anniversary girl! 16, 20...that's a lotta years! congratulations!!!!


My baby is not a doll to be dressed up as a girl! I did have him on my due date too, it just seemed like forever! You can nibble my kiddos anytime, I wont mind!


Your nephews are darling!
My mom-in-law had 5 boys and she took a picture of every single baby wearing a dress, then she would throw it away!
Congrats on your anniversary! it's nice no matter HOW many years it's been!


Happy Anniversary!

New job sounds good, I need a job like that!


Congratulations on 20 years! I hope you had great time celebrating this weekend. My husband and I did the same thing as you and Mr. Chickenfoot. We've been married for 8 years but together for 12. The only difference when we got married was a ring and a piece of paper.


Happy anniversary!


You are so cute! I love the romantic story. Happy anniversary (I know we are almost to Nov. but better late than never!) I would count 20 also!

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