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October 23, 2008



Great idea! I made a big table 24 x 48 inches and made the whole thing an ironing board. Brilliant! Except if I ever made another one I would make it 60" long, as 48" doesn't give me enough room to set my iron down when I am ironing a full width of fabric. But that's a minor quibble.


What a great setup! I get my work-out running from sewing-machine to ironing-board as well. I'll have to see if I can make room for something like this!


what what a great lightbulb moment! Is that blue chair from gran's house? it looks familiar... I love your paper lanterns too.


great idea! i need to make myself one of those!! the large one sounds very useful as well!! and by the way, if you think your sewing space is messy ~ you should see mine!! i like to think of my mess as a hallmark of a spectacularly creative mind!! :0

i have had problems in the past leaving comments on blog sites . . .not sure just why but i'm seriously trying to figure it out. so, if you actually get this comment i have made some progress! my next step will be setting up a blog for my quilt guild and then one for me . . . which i hope you will visit and enjoy as much as i've enjoyed yours.



that looks pretty tidy for you, chicken ;)


maybe you could ask mr. chickenfoot very nicely if he'd like to cut some plywood for me, too.


Hi! This is your partner from the hot drinks swap. My confirmation says you got the package last week. I have been checking to see if you blogged about it, and just wanted to see if you ever got it? I hope it came through and you liked it :)


i definitely get a workout going between the machine and iron. i guess that's a good thing. i love your new set up.


Great idea! I love your sewing space! I want to come over and play!!!


That is a great setup you have created. Looking forward to seeing the doll quilts roll off the machine.

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