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October 26, 2008



Your tree-skirt looks wonderful! And yes, you have to start somewhere.. Big projects can be quite intimidating :-(


Mr. Chickenfoot looks great in that apron. I think you should give it to him.


I read the title so fast I thought it said wips and wasps. Ha! Lovely things you made, and recieved. Mr Chickenfoot is rockin' that apron! Go gettem Mr Chicken!


I love that quilt top. I like that it is reverse of the standard "blocks in the center with a plain border" design.


if you would have gotten the teen into the apron, i would have nominated you for teen parent of the year! good for your hubby. what a good sport. love your tree skirt. i need to make one, but i'm a bit intimidated by the whole thing.


I love how you've forgotten which swap that charm pack is from...ever think you may have signed up for too many ;)

Fab apron - wonderful model too!


I can't imagine why the teen wouldn't want to wear that apron! :-)


aren't hubbies the best for modeling? i hope you enjoy it!


Hahaha I cannot believe you got him to put that on.... I will be sure and remember that next time he has something to say about the Avalanche.


ack! I cant belive how gorgeous that tree skirt is! and to think how many people will see it in the shop, then it will be under my lil tree!
Oh, and his nice broad shoulders look great in that apron!

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