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im a ginger monkeys fq swap

6"-12" miniquiltswap

fabric swap

dollquiltswap 3



strawberry swap

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December 08, 2008



Ohhhh!!! I love them! I need to get in on this winning stuff and swappers, lemme know if you have any scraps ;)


Ohhhhhh I love the top 3 prints! WHo are tehy by?? Do tell! I have 13 of 20 swappers recieved, I am sooooo not going to win a prize for DQS5!


Great fabric! Awesome job getting all those swap quilts home first.

I love my little pincushion you sent... but I can't find it. I think a certain cat has been playing hockey with it. I have to look around. I bet it's under something.


WOW! I love those fabrics! Especially that one on top of the pile! Who makes that print??

Lynn  Harris

You lucky girl!


How sweet! love them all, especially that pink one!

Account Deleted

Hi Susan,
I tried to reply to your comment but couldnt so I have tracked you down here...for some reason typepad and typekey blogs are experiencing difficulties with included.
The fabrics are gorgeous...and BTW my nose has now recovered, except that I was lifting something on Tuesday and my hand slipped and I punched myself in the nose....only I could do that. Just wait till you get to know me I will have you laughing
See ya


Happy New Year!!


Just found your blog today and have been having fun reading. I live on "the lake" too - just a LOT farther North. I look forward to reading more this year.


Lovely fabrics indeed! I hope you had a great Christmas, and best wishes for a wonderful 2009.


sweet, yes!

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