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January 06, 2009



Ok, so you want me to chose ONLY ONE embarrassing story? I have so very, very many.

My 1st date at the public pool where I tried to impress the boy by swan diving off into the pool and subsequently losing my bikini top?

The time when I was paid to dress up like a dalmation to promote a new petstore on Harlem Avenue (busiest street in the neighborhood) and the entire cheerleading squad came by to make fun of me?

How about when I walked into my bosses office and tripped over my own feet and landed UNDER his desk.

I could go on and on and on my friend. :) By the way, I adore your pin cushions and could definitely use a new one. Can you believe I only have one and it is the icky red tomato from every $1 sewing kit out there?


tia husband was on his second deployment to Iraq. We lived on FT Hood it was August and a zillion degrees. It was a Pajama Sunday where I spent the day piecing a quilt. I have 3 kids and at the time they were (5, 3,& 1)between marking all over my legs and arms with washable markers they played in the little wading pool in the back yard. Dinner time rolled around, so I was making dinner when I heard the front screen door slam. I went to check on what was happening and standing on my front porch was 2 Military Police. One was holding my NAKED 3 year old Sons hand the other was holding onto his little bike. They "found" him in my driveway completly nude on his bike. That is bad enough...but they called in back-up, so 3 more Military Police cars roar up into the yard with 6 more giant MPs strutting up to see what the trouble is. I am still in my PJs (at 5pm) covered with washable marker, with not 1 but 3 naked little kids who had been playing in the backyard pool. I am having my BACKGROUND checked! I then get parenting advice from an 18 year old private. Now, mind you, My husband was in Iraq and had been for 7 months wasn't due home for another 7 or so and I am raising 3 children 2 still in diapers...I am a bit stressed to say the least. Yeah, I didn't take the advice so well. But all my neighbors came storming up to the house as well (a bunch of MP cars around the house of a woman whose husband is in Iraq is NEVER a good thing). That is my most embarrassing far.


In college I took a swimming class. I missed the first day due to the flu, and like a good student I called the instructor and let her know. On the second day of class I made my way to the pool and thought I should talk to the instructor before changing into my swimsuit.

Painted on the wall: "Women's Locker Room (with an arrow pointing right); Men's Locker Room (with an arrow pointing left); To Pool (with an arrow pointing left).
Do you see where this is going?

I followed the "To Pool" arrow and low and behold ended up in the Men's locker room. By the time I realized where I was (the naked boy changing into his swim trunks was a dead giveaway) I decided it would make most sense to just keep going and maybe no one would notice...

I had to walk through the shower room to get to the door to the pool, and someone in my class walked out before me and held the door. The look on his face was both humiliating and priceless.

I call this the quarter of nudity. Not only did I see all my male classmates changing into their swimsuits, but I was in a drawing class with some...interesting...nude models.


I am so happy I already have one of these adorable pincushions that you made.

Because I am NOT telling you my most embarrassing story.


I don't think I can beat any of those stories... and besides, I'm not sure I want to reveal any embarrassing moments just for a pincushion. :D But I must say, those are some lovely looking pincushions! Maybe I will have to find some time to make one myself.


Adorable pincushions! There are some pretty embarrassing stories already posted, so I probably won't win, but I don't want people to feel alone, so I will share my story. I was in high school (the height of self-conciousness) and my best friend and I went to Wal-mart after school. I was wearing a baby doll style dress. Our first stop was the restroom. We left the restroom and were making our way through the store, shopping, when a lady runs up to me and says, "Honey! Honey! Your dress is tucked in your underwear!" And what does my best friend do? She runs to another aisle to hide! I was like, "Which one of us has our dress in our underwear?! Why are YOU hiding?" There is no telling how many people saw me!


Oh my goodness...tia's story....A NIGHTMARE!! I am thinking of one...but it isn't that bad, all things considered....I will write back soon.


I really do not get embarrassed. Bummer for me I guess. No pin thingie. I think I embarrass most other people. Almost always my hubby. I'll tell one of his most embarrassed by me stories

We went out to eat with a few older members of his family to a Chinese food restaurant. After the meal the gave everybody a fortune cookie. As everybody was reading their fortune I told them that it makes them so much more interesting when you add *IN BED* to the end. Some were quite bad but my hubbies parents was the worst. I really wish I could remember it. But my hubby turned 10 shades of red. Great fun for me.


This WAS for your neice? Does that mean she does not get it anymore?? :)


I am much too shy to post an embarrassing story on the internet. But I will say thanks for being a terrific swap mama and for all your words of wisdom and laughter.

susan sobon

i am SO enjoying this...i might have to do this on a regular basis. lol
oh pooh, you werent supposed to peek rachel


Even though I really, really want a pincushion, I read through the other comments and realized that my tale about almost getting kicked out of a baseball game on Church Bulletin Night wasn't going to cut it. Maybe you could come up with a different contest????


one morning (at the country house) i was letting the dog out early in the a.m. and was taking the garbage out at the same time. I open the door and there on the porch was a skunk. needless to say i scared the poor thing to death, but only after it sprayed me and the dog. that skunk gave us everything she had. my eyes were burning and it stunk sooo bad. we live at the top of a hill, surrounded by woods and no one else was home, so i hopped down the steps with each step ripping off my clothes. I was about to taking them to the laundry line to keep them outside while i went back in to figure out what to do. low and behold, up our isolated driveway comes a car. there i was buck naked, stinking to high heaven and the car stops at the curve of our drive and the window opens. i ran into the garage and hid in the little opening by the garage door and stuck my head out. the man in the car wanted to know if it was legal to hunt here. i shouted at him, "only for $$%^& skunks". he closed the window and drove away. i went inside and proceeded to search the internet for a good skunk spray removal method. if you've ever bathed in tomato juice and washed your hair with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dawn, you know, even alone, how embarrassing that is. i won't even say what i had to do to the dog.


I decided that none of my stories can possibly compare to the stinky naked I am going to leave it with...You made some BEAUTIFUL pincushions!

susan sobon

lol, i like that the story has a name now...stinky naked one. haha
come on ladies, and possibly gents...i want some more stories!!!

pasha plum

Hmm, I don't really have any good ones--I guess I just don't get that embarrassed. Here is one that I remember pretty clearly though.

One time I was at a friends house for a church youth gathering and one of the girls came in with a new boy that she was dating. Now, I am a little deaf and think that everyone else is too so when I recognized this boy as the local "bad boy who is definitely not a churchgoer type" I leaned over to the girl I was sitting next to and in a very loud stage whisper said "THAT IS JIMMY SKELTON!!" and when the person next to me did not acknowledge my comment because she did not want to be associated with the embarrassing girl(me), but then (because I thought she did not hear me) I said it again EVEN LOUDER. Everyone in the rather small living room was looking at me (including Jimmy). But it still it took me a few minutes to realize that I had not been discrete.


Haha! funny that rachel saw her pincushion! I am glad you already gave me one though, now I dont have to reveal a story! I think I migh have a go at making one of these, they look addicting to make :)


I just love those pincushions, very nice, I can't tell you my most embarrassing story as its too much for me to even want to remember.


hey chickenfoot~!!~ i came by for a visit and have been wandering around on your blog and having a great time. i have finally jumped out there and started my own blog so feel free to visit. i'm still figuring it all out so mine isn't as shiny as yours but i'll get better as time goes on.
i'm a bit late for the pincushion give-away but after reading how you've tortured these poor souls into revealing their most emberassing moments, i'm okay with that.
i do want to say that the pincushions that you gave to your workmates are lovely and the addition of the "joy" tag just makes them even more charming~!!~



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