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February 03, 2009



these are so cute!


shoot. How'd I miss this giveaway?

I am useless with blog banners too, so don't ask me.


Woo hoo!!....wait, there are two Beth comments. ACK! The suspense is killing me....


oh my...i am good at something...being totally stupid and tramatizing local hunters!!! thanks so much susan. i got a great laugh from the comments which made my day! i love the ones with the letters or the green and brown ones or actually any and all of them. i needed another pincushion. thanks my friend!


i'm going to try again...i don't thing the other one posted. i'm so honored...i am good at being stupid and traumatizing local hunters. i love all these. if i had to pick...the ones with the letters...the green ones are cool...i like the stripy bottom on that one. whatever you choose is great with me. thanks susan!


Beth at modernjax I dont think it is me who one, I already was fortunate enought to receive one of her lovely pincishions :O) I love the new banner! It is so cherry!


Oh, that was suppose to say cheery, not cherry.


oops sorry for the confusion, that would be mens locker room beth....i believe its you, modernjax.


Woo hoo!! And now how to decide?? I'll go with these for my top 3...
1. Green stripes
2. Letters
3. Red and aqua


P.S. I hope the whole "men's locker room beth" doesn't stick. That would be quite a nickname!


Awww shucks! Thank you!!

Let me just tell you, that was just the tip of the iceberg...I could go on & on & on about my embarrassing moments!

I especially love the pin cushions with the letters on them. After that, I like the one in the very center. You are just too sweet!


Love the pincushions. Do you have a tutorial?


Those pincushions are adorable! I especially love the ones with the black and lime-y green!


I love the pin cushion and the one you sent me is so nice.. :)


your pincushions are THE cutest things on the planet! you have a wicked talent!

Mary's Madness

Those are too fun! Love everything on your blog. Great colors!


What great little pincushions! :0)

Lisa (flickr lmdesign7)


I absolutely LURVE the bottom right pincushion in the top pic. Where oh where did you get the fabric for this one?

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