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March 19, 2009



How about a "liberated wedding ring" block? i am a little obsessed with it right now. check it out (pages 76-78):,M1


No clue what to do, I am mesmerized by the remote in your hand. Is that for size, or are you just showing me your remote. It's a lovely one, a lot of buttons. ;)

Back to the quilt. Um. I would have something simple in between - a wonky log cabin or something. Something quite square, no triangles or anything like that so as not to distract from the stars.

Have you checked your partner's flickr faves? Maybe you could get inspired from them? Do I sound like the bossy swap mama? I learned from the best ;)


Log cabin was the first this that came to my mind...

Thanks for including the 2 inch comment & the remote... Those stars are SOOOOO Cute!


I like the colours! And I think we might just all be addicted to maverick stars (myself included) I was also mesmerized by the remote..haha. I’m liking churn-dashes lately.. they could work as an in-between, but there are katy might not like it!:)


haha! you guys kill me!
no i wasnt showing off my remote katy, it was for size:op
i will try a couple log cabins to see how it looks, and i wouldnt want to tick off katy sarah, so no churn dash! lol
for some reason i am not getting notified of comments on my typepad mad at me??


Being new to this all myself...My computer does this freeze mode thing. All that aside I enjoyed reading your blog!

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