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im a ginger monkeys fq swap

6"-12" miniquiltswap

fabric swap

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July 19, 2008


Erin Koch

Hi girlie- I am running a little behind on our russian doll swap. I should be ready to mail out on Monday though. Will you please email me your address. Thanks- and sorry to make you wait. Erin
johnkoch at cvalley dot net


The fat quarters and flea market finds look great. the chocolate eclair cake looks yummy. too bad I'm trying to lose a few pounds!


I would have pushed in front of you to get that green tray. My color of green, too. That definitely looks like a single serving cake.

Rachael Rabbit

Quarters are yummy but you can actually eat the chocolate eclair cake!! It looks totally lethal!


chocolate and vintage fat quaters! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!i cant wait to get my package for m Oh Fransson.Which i sent more now.Only i had to re mortage the house to pay for the postage!gotta try that cake :)


Ooo, I love that you put a picture up of yourself! That cake sounds delightful, I think I would eat have of it by the time I had to frost it though!


thanks everyone! i am having issues with yahoo and unable to email but can reply, so this is why i replying here. i remembered the other thing i got!! it was the bookcase! i think its size is why i couldnt remember it, i usually buy things that big.
you really need to try the eclair cake, you WONT be disappointed, well unless you are trying to watch your weight! hehe
i hope you get your fq's soon fi, they are so delish!


Love your sheet swap fat quarters. Amazing what folks were able to find! Can't believe I missed it!


Ooh, lovely swap fabrics, I like the asian one best too! And your cake looks sooo yummy.

Lurline Geoghegan

Nice to see your photo on blog, Susan! Love the fat quarter swap - sheets? Too early in the morning to think about eclair cake, but it sure looks good!
'Bye - Lurline.


That tray on Flickr is the perfect shade of green. Nice find!

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