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July 21, 2008



Yummm...strawberries!! Okay, I can't pass this up, it sounds too fun--count me in!

craft woman

wow it looks delicious I want to try this


I would love to do this swap except for one major problem. I am deathly allergic to them!!!! Appliqueing one wouldn't be a problem but in my case, could I send a recipe for another berry? I honestly don't have any strawberry recipes. My niece calls them poison berries because they are too me.


me - I am in!!!!

calamity kim

I am in and tickled with this swap idea! I love strawberries too! Is it OK to Share this on my Blog? Let me know and I will post about it!
:) xxxooo


Your cake looks delicious! In answer to your question about the covered tap measure, you do remove the cardboard before stitiching the pieces together. Thanks for dropping by, Lisa


Would love to join this swap! Love strawberries any kind of berries really. Do you need me to send any info? Let me know, can't wait!


Me? Can I play too? I made a cute little berry the other day after seeing your pics. My first softie! I am so hooked!


I love strawberries and strawberry cake-I'll have to try this recipe out soon!


Ok you've talked me into it! can I sign up too? By the way I sent a package your way today. Funny thing is it has your strawberry needlebook in it and my favorite strawberry recipe in it. I guess great minds think alike!

Leslie Patton

Please sign me up for the swap! Strawberries are my favorite summer
treat! Your cake looks delish! I will have to try the recipe.

Angela Harris

I would love to join too! There has to be a million things you can do with this fun summer theme :)


How can I pass this up? I CAN'T!
Plus I have lots of strawberry recipes, yeah!

Please sign me up.

Jessica (Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping!)

Please add me to your ever-growing list! :) thank you for hosting!

Carrie Unterbrink

I've loved strawberries before strawberries were cool!!! Sign me up for this swap!


Me also. Sounds yummy!

Leslie Patton

Ooops! Here is my info:

Lemon Tree Tami

Oooh, what person doesn't love strawberries in the summertime? Please count me in too. :-)


would love to play!! love the strawberry theme. thanks!

lori brofsky

please count me in for this swap. I am on swap-bot and as igobylorib


I love strawberries too! Count me in! Thanks!! Judi

Prep-E Girl

Can I join? What's the price limit?




I wanna join the swap. :) Mmmm my favorite fruit!


I love strawberries! Count me in!


Susan- Count me in! I'll think of something fun to make for this!:-)


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