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January 31, 2009



you totally win...that is awful...poor you.


I've heard this story before, and it still grosses me out....

But mmm, Sweet Tomatoes....


Oh my word. I am not sure if I should laugh or be horrified!


those mean people, who were they? i'll go beat their doors down and put food on their heads.


Oh my. That would be beyond embarrasing! I remember when I was is 7th grade a girl named Sarah TF got her period for the first time at school and was wearing overalls, I dont think people remembered her for anything else. How embarrasing!

Mary Ellen Nichols

During my last gyno visit, I described "clots the size of a quail's egg". He had not a clue in the world what I was talking about. But... your story beats my story of spending two hours in the dentist's chair and coming home to find an inch-long black hair growing from my chin.


haha! oh geez that would be embarrassing for sure! poor mary. that is so funny the man didnt know about quails eggs. we use to have two adorable little girls. i still have a truckload of their eggs, boy they are prolific layers


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