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April 06, 2009



good question. it's so hard in the winter to stay with cold and snow in april...yuck! maybe finishing something will cheer me's a big SMILE to cheer you!


Cheer up dear. Summer will come and you can go outside and get some sun. Go make something and get all excited!


Poor you - at least you can be assured you have many blog friends wishing you well. Getting outside and taking a walk always does me good - maybe a trip to a garden center - that makes me happy too (always a trip to the quilt shop).


Look at this blog - it may help a little bit - get over winter blues -


can I say "Amen, I hear you sistah!"? I was thinking the same thing this year...hey, not so bad...but the last 2 months have really sucked. Just when you think you have it bites you in the A@@.

Also funny thing...the only reason I checked your blog today was I got an email dated Oct 28, 2008 from a comment you made on my blog...crazy, so I think that it means we were supposed to share our misery today, but we should also know that we are not alone and that this too will pass. Keep scratchin' chicken, there's gold in there somewheres. :)


Lately I have been relying on: lashing out at others, chocolate and sarcasm. I think it's working.
I'm feeling pretty good this winter.
Try not to internalize the judgments of others, either real or perceived, and focus on judging others. Find a blog that's really slow, visit often and feel almost instantly better about yourself.
Also, here's another of my tricks, make it all about You, or in my case, me.
Seriously, hang on girlfriend! Spring is right around the corner, then you'll be out in the sun and won't care if your not posting. :)


oh me too~!!~ just about the time i think the sun is going to come out and the Spring season might really happen . . . we get more snow showers and cold wind. YUCK~!!~ yes, i said yuck but that's not what i really wanted to say~!~
it did help to visit the garden centers when out of town on Monday but unfortunately my husband would not let me stay and live there (he'll probably really regret that~!~). so now it's back to the grind of just getting myself through the day and trying to keep a big fake toothy smile on my face at all appropriate times. :)
in the meantime i agree with Rachel-2ndave, a really good dark chocolate never hurts~!~


urban craft

I too have been uninspired by the weather. But I love your finds in fact I think my mom had that same cookie cutter when I was growing up!


I suck at decorating too! My nod to decorating is to paint every room in my house a different bright color. That's it. That's all I got. When i'm down I make some espresso in the french press I picked up at Starbucks for $17 (tastes exactly like theirs) and I refold my fabric stash. And sometimes make blueberry muffins from scratch. Or pet a cat.


Thanks for visiting me. Oh I am just starting the winter blues :(


Ack! I have that gingerbread man, only he's blue! It's a hand-me-down from Mom, probably early 50's. very funny!


hope to see you


So how's it going? Feeling better?
Are you sewing? Loved the toes today and thought I would write and tell you that its great to see you around and hey! are you blogging your quilt? I was hoping. -

Sally Paul

I don't even have a blog, so I look at other blogs for cheer and inspiration. Try a sunlamp with protective goggles, just thinking about how you look is humorous. My best cheering activity is to go help others, less fortunate. Once, after my divorce, I lost 40 pounds, couldn't eat, no diet, just threw up or the other direction, so I quit eating, it was easier. Then I had no clothes that fit! I took all of my clothes in my car to a migrant labor camp and saw all of those hard working, migrants, so happy, regardless of their circumstances, they were together! They loved my clothes and I felt much better about everything!


Hi! Where do you go antiquing? Volo? Gurnee? Or do you have another secret place? Or not so secret but I just don't know of.

Well it is getting nicer here now, though today is kinda cloudy and rainyish. But a good workout sometimes cheers me up, or a good movie or book-fest.

This is Kristi the quilt store customer who is interested in softies, by the way. :-) Nice blog! Boy do you get a lot of sewing done. Wish I had more time.

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