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May 05, 2009



A list! That's what I need is a list. Maybe it'll help me with my Quilter's Distraction Disorder. LOVE the table runner. Those are some of my favorite fabrics in it. Table runners are great - small and can give us a sense of accomplishment.


ha~!~ so that's what it's called~!!~ "Quilter's Distraction Disorder" QDD? i'm so glad to be finally diagnosed . . . not that i really care to be cured, but, yea, well, now i know . . .

susan, your lists are wearing me out just to read through them~!!!!~



You forgot something:

-Visit niece in Denver


Let me just say three words... covered water bottle. ;)


Yup, great danes do and they are not the largest dog breed. Odin weighs in at ~140 pounds (was actually 142 when we went to the vet on Wednesday). The sire (his 'father') weighed in at 175 pounds when he was showing (apparently, dogs are a bit leaner when the show - I really have no idea if that is true it's just what the breeder told us). We've been told that Odin is tall for a dane but he is really lean.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


oh my! that is a big dog!!!
oh shoot, i hadnt thought of a water bottle, i do love a warm water bottle in my bed!!


that's quite a list, missy!


Love the runner. Good luck with your list!


well you know i think your runner turned out just fab! way to go on making some lists and trying to get organized! i know a few things are done on there- you shuold cross them off!


i love that quilt..the chicken wire fabric is awesome

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