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June 13, 2009


Missy Hollenbeck

sounds like you gals had a great time!
I just checked the results on the voting and both of your items are tied for first place... congratulations!



I voted for the hutch. Checked this morning and you won!

I love the hutch the best.


yes, it was a busy week! and full of good food! I will probably try to make my dress alteration appointment in the next day or so, then we can go back up to carrabbas! did you find a locaion close to you? that place was sooo yummy!


What a lovely quilt!


You won? YAY! (I'm pretty sure my vote put you over the top.) Quilt = perfection. You live near an actual Penzeys? I am really beyond jealous now.


I am loving your blog! Thank you for the comments on mine and I will def be back!!
Yup, tomato with an oinion baby is a little weird...or are we weird that we think they are so cute?? hahaha!


My nephew and niece are coloring house drawings. Then I will interpret them in fabric and use them in the quilt I am making for their new baby sibling, due in Sept!


I love the yellow border! The perfect choice imho.


Wish I had a quilting friend like that! Your quilt looks lovely and very summer-y!


hey wow i love this orange and yellow quilt! very cool!


Is that really all there is to it baecuse that'd be flabbergasting.

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