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im a ginger monkeys fq swap

6"-12" miniquiltswap

fabric swap

dollquiltswap 3



strawberry swap

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June 18, 2009



oh my~!~my~!~my~!~
you lucky lucky girl~!!~
this is such an adorable little quilt . . . all of those wonderful added details and the awesome colors and that CUTE label~!!!!~ WOW~!!!~
congratulations on getting this amazing piece~!~



that red and white polka dot binding ~!!~ just wonderful~!!~



This one truly is amazing! I loved how she did the embroidery from a picture of her daughter's hands- absolutely stunning. You are a great swap mama, and realyl deserve it! I am sad I will have to sit out on dqs7. :(


Oh my gosh, I can't believe it took that long to arrive! I remember the little embroidery. TOO CUTE! I'm so glad it finally made it's way to you safely.

Erin @ twomoreseconds

You deserve such an awesome quilt for all the work you put into the swap! :) I love it - the color scheme, the embroidery, everything. It's so cute!


Love the little mushrooms! You lucked out!


ah, she came. And isn't it a beauty?

Amy @ parkcitygirl

you lucky girl! You totally deserve it :) Have a great weekend!


I love those colors - and the mushroom girls - and the embroidery - all just so lovely!

urban craft

What an awesome, awesome treasure! Everyday I am amazed at how crafting brings so much happiness!


how lovely, love the 'shrooms. thanks for stopping in on my blog and all your lovely comments:))

Missy Hollenbeck

wow! so stunning! I love the mushrooms :)

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