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June 16, 2009


Alicia Wells

I have made hundreds of denim quilts. I use 1" strips (.5" finished) between the squares so I never have to sew denim to denim and it gives it kind of a stained glass look. It will be a heavy quilt especially with flannel on the back. I got one pair of jeans that I think had a 60" waist or something and I have pictures of my grown niece, 2 14 year olds and an 11 year old in them - 2 per leg!

You can see the quilt pictures on my flickr

Naomi Michelle

You might try a test piece- try quilting all of the layers- I've used thinner denim before on mini quilts and it quilts up fine. I don't know what weight you've got though.


oh, that pinwheel block would be cute for a mini eye spy! I would have loved to see the teen standing in the one pants leg!


I love it, can't wait to see how it turns out!


I think that does sound like it might be heavy. I've done flannel like that and it was very heavy. I left the batting out the next time I made one and it was still warm - but it didn't feel too heavy. I'm doing a windmill quilt - 19 blocks together so far. I'm not sure whether to stop at 20 or keep going.


Hi! I made a semi denim quilt. I alternated the denim with cotton novelty prints in a boyish theme for a quilt I made for my God son. I didn't put batting in it and used minkee on the back, dark blue to go with the denim and I tied it with dark blue perl cotton. I live in Texas and it doesn't get super cold here so that sort of thing worked pretty well for us. You could also use chenille which is not too heavy, but you'll have to clean your machine out afterwards. Good luck!


You can see a picture of the quilt on my blog (it's back several months)

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