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June 19, 2009



Ooh I love the quilt block! Can't wait to see the whole thing. You're going to have to make a zoo full of zipper critters. If you want to trade for some zippers, let me know, because I have hundreds of them. I always seem to find another bag of them at the thrift store!


awesome quilt block, I keep telling myself I'll make one of these..then never getting round to it!


I love the colors you're using - with the off white background - it will look so pretty. I can't wait until mine is done! But you are right - it's easy to cut or sew these wrong - so I cut one and sew it at the same time.


Oh, how tiny are those little zipper monuth pouches? theyare sooo cute! you must share :)
love this quilt you are working on, the colors seems great. maybe after you have a go on a few block i will work up the might to start a quilt for mwa!

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