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June 20, 2009


Alicia Wells

If I were choosing one to leave out or to put on the back I would choose the large blue print - second from the right on the bottom row. But it might not stand out so much if you weren't doing the roy g. biv plan. you might try to shuffle them and then see which one you would want to leave out.

I too have some issues with decisions like this (on my own quilts anyway) but I am usually happy with what I do decide on so I guess I should trust my judgement more!


I think you should put the extra one on the back. It looks very pretty.


I would pick the blue with the criss-cross lines on, it seems a good bit darker than the rest. I'd just mix um up, looks great!


I would just close my eyes and pick one out, do it without thinking too much, otherwise you'll be sat there forever trying to decide.
And I agree - mix 'em up!
I love it, it's great. Should I go buy a template? Darn you for making me add this to the list of must do's ;)


I would take out the blue floral on the bottom right
and yes I would use it on the back for my label!
great quilt
what size is it?


I really like the Roy G. Biv layout......

but I would use the blue and red floral on the back.


Certainly not the vintage-like fabric I sent you! (g)

I agree, it's the blue with red on the bottom row. That or the large dots right next to it.

And I think the extra should go on the back too.


second from the right,bottom row. it stand out to much, i think it is becasue it also has the red in with the blue?


I'd definitely mix them up - but instead of taking out - I'd add a couple of more of the ones that stand out. Or maybe take some paler ones out and add more standy out ones. I'm a great one for advice though - which is why I have stopped at 20 unable to decide to make mine larger or not.


I'm with the rest, bottom row second from the right. It also depends on how you are going to mix them but especially seen from a distance it stands out from the rest. You could make a matching pillow with it! :)


I think you should take out on of the light pinks or maybe the blue with the largest floral or one of the large red florals, I am no good at decisions either.


Hmmmm... i was thinking the checked one on the end of the last row, but the crowd seems to be rooting for the blue floral next to it, and who am I to disagree? It's not like any of them are disagreeable - I love 'em all.


I have made a decision! The blue check, thats the odd ball. This is my second comment. I really like them all. I do like the Roy G.Biv.


this is probably all done and decided by now, but i just wanted to this...there's nothing like a great whirlygiggle quilt. great work!!!


i love this quilt top...i love the way you set them all up...i think the only one that stands out is the darker blue floral in the bottom row... but really the whole thing looks great


I absolutely LOVE that! It's beautiful!!! And no...I can not see even one to leave out! It looks fantastic!!! :)

Anita Jessup

Well, If I were to do it I think I'd take out the last on the right, bottom row. It seems to stand out and not fit in.
Whatever you decide to do, it will still be beautiful!

(use the extra to make a potholder!)


Lovely! I think you could use the extra one on the quilt back, but not in the exact center. That would be cute!


The blue fabric at the bottom with the bright pink flowers (2nd from right)stands out more than the others. Cute fabric, though!


Hey! I forgot you had a blog too! This time I bookmarked it in Google Reader! So if you ever add anything new I'll know!!! (Dawn)

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