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July 04, 2009



oh that bike is super duper!


Ok. I visited Madsen. Wonderful bike! Hope you win!!!


Hey, I voted for your chickefoot quilt on because I matter. It's so cute. Love the 9 patch. I'm always so amazed that such a simple pattern comes out so charmingly lovely. Really enjoyed your blog! Whatever happens, you're a winner in my book!!!


I clicked 3 times :) In Holland we've got a lot of bicycles with the carry-thing on the front (you can put your groceries and children in) but I've never seen one with extra space on the back. It is a pretty awesome bike, hope you win!


i clicked for you. i hope you win. you could fit a lot of fabric or other stuff too in that back basket thingy.

i just wanted to thank you for reinspiring me. i was clicking around the web looking at fabric postcard stuff and saw your flikr photostream and that quiltie snippet you have as your photo profile i absolutely love. i know ive seen it before and so ive likely thanked you for the inspiration before but i was really needing some color inspiration and that did it. what vibrant colors. what beautiful combination of light and dark. i will definitely be planning something this week. thanks!!!!

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Oh that bike is so cute. It is very unique. How I wish I could ride on that soon. LOL!!!


Oh I need one of did you ever find this?

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Thank you for the link. Have a nice day!!!


I clicked! Good luck! :)


I'm busybee alias sylvie blondeau
just took notice of your old messages cause they went in spams! thanx anyway for your nice comments! and hope you took pleasure out of my book on appliqué!
now i'm into embroidery, you can check on my new blog,busybeebroderie.blogspot
take care!

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